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Welcome to Directorate of Pre-Degree, Unical


Numerous Applicants seek admission every year into Nigerian Universities. The competition is usually quite keen. This background establishes the need for a Pre-Degree Programme that will serve as a platform to prepare prospective students for university admission. The platform will guarantee them a good start, promote superior studentship and also stem the high rate of withdrawal from the Unibversity due to academic incompetence

Programme Description

The Pre-Degree programme is an intensive two(2) semester coaching curriculum aimed at ensuring adequate exposure to the fundamentals of concepts and preparation of eligible students for university admission.

The courses of study require the Universities Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) subjects which include English Language, thatnis compulsory for all students, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, (or Agricultural Science) and Mathematics. Students other than those seeking admission in the Arts and Scoial Sciences are required to choose three subjects in addition to English Language, Chemistry, Biology (or Agricultural Science) and Mathematics